For more information about the THATCamp movement in general, seeĀ thatcamp.org/about/

What is Digital Frontiers THATCamp all about?

This is a THATCamp for the diverse communities of users of digital tools like The Portal to Texas History, Digital Libraries, and other Public Humanities resources. We invite local historians, genealogists, librarians, K-12 educators, university and community college educators, students and technologists to come together to share ideas, knowledge and questions about how digital resources are changing the landscape of knowledge production in the public sphere!

What will happen at Digital Frontiers THATCamp?

The format will be a combination of workshops and group discussions. The workshops will be planned in advance and the discussion topics will be determined by you and your fellow Campers. Everyone has something to offer at a THATCamp and all will have an opportunity to pose questions or offer their expertise. We recommend getting the discussion going by posting a burning question or topic on THATCamp Digital Frontiers Facebook.

What will the workshops be about?

We invite proposals for workshops that will teach a new skill, strategy or an innovative tool. Possible workshop topics are data visualization, data mining, new software tools for digital repositories, fund raising, project management, or digitization methods. See Workshops for more information.